The Devellano Family 1998 Reunion Gallery!
These Miniature Photos Can Viewed As A Full Size By Clicking On Them
(Fred's Note:Yes I Know I'm In Lots Of Pics...Got To Use Them For Something...LOL)
 Pictures Below Text Left To Right

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Fred Devellano

Mariano Pedivellano

Marianna Boviconti

Fred Devellano

Stanley Cup 1997-98

Jimmy Devellano

FD + Frank Devellano 

Jean Devellano

June Devellano/ Jimmy

Linda Kelly,Scott, 

Michael Beaver 

Wayne Beaver 

Pictures Below Text Left To Right

Lisa&Jeff Holmes

Brett&Laura Kelly

Ted&Carol Holly 
Mary Kelly 
Dean Castor 
Sandra&Bill Cresswell

Carey Ray

Stanley Again

And Me Again...LOL

Laurie&Rick Ray 
Mike Ray,Debbie Ray 


Theresa Smith, 
Dave Smith, Karly Smith,Geoffrey Smith 

Mike Ray's Dream!

Leaf Shirt and Hat

And Stanley!

Pictures Below Text Left To Right

Mary Villamagna

Jessica,Paul McAneney 

Kham,Jim Rosa

Frank+June Devellano

Stanley Again. Greg ,Don, Pidge Pratt Audrey Rosa Me,Jeanie,Aunt Jean
May 22 99
Joe,Linda Devellano George Pene MillieRosa Jim,George,Margaret

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