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Marco Minghetti 1900 Vessel Palermo To New York
The Family name Devellano has changed many times throughout time…
May 1900 the ship manifest shows it as below with Mariano’s arrival at Ellis Island.

See This From Ellis Island Data Base

Its All Devellano History



The webmaster’s research has shown that the family name has changed thru time as a result of many errors in government docs, including 1911 Canadian Census, and Ellis Island Ship Manifests. The origional  marriage certificate of Mariano and Marianna was found thru the Termini Imerese Database and 2 birth certificates Salvator and Francesco.http://www.termini-imerese.org .We have located documented family geneaology back to 1824 birth of Maria Scalia, the mother of Francesco Bova-conti who was the father of Marianna Bovi-conti who married Mariano Pedivellano in Termini Imerese, Sicily. The family name was Pedivellano at that time. 

My research has shown that the family shield was from Italian nobility enjoyed in Palermo, finding, among others, Antony who occupied the post of deputy warden of Castellammare of that city in 1441 and wore the toga senator in 1444-45. Weapon: red, coarse gold to the shoe, placed in band. The name was spelled Pedivillano back in 1441. An old aristocratic family of Palermo, the Mugnos Senator Antonio Pedivillano 1444, and a Philip capitand’arme extraordinary valley of Mazzara. Research back to 1317 shows the name was from a place called Pedivigliano,Italy Province of Cosenza, region Calabria

In 1317 appears Pedivillano, the center is populated by neighborhoods that surrounded Scigliano and was named Villanova.

The birth and marriage documents show the following information:

  1. Mariano Pedivellano was born June 1877
  2. Marianna Bova-Conti was born Dec 26 1883
  3. Mariano’s parents were Giorgio Pedivellano and Maura Glorioso
  4. Marianna’s parents:Francesco Bova-Conti and Providenza Crisanti
  5. Francesco Bova-Conti mother was Maria Scalia (marriage document)
  6. Marianna’s brother Giuseppe Pietro Bova-Conti , DOB:June 29 1873
  7. Marianna’s brother Vincenzo Bova-Conti DOB: Dec 23 1875
  8. Marianna’s brother Salvatore Bova-Conti DOB: Jan 1 1879
  9. Mariano (26 yrs)& Marianna Bova-Conti(20yrs)married April 16 1903
  10. Mariano (Groom) was born in San Mauro
  11. Salvator (Sam) was born January 9 1904
  12. Francesco(Frank) was born Nov 10 1906 Origional Microfilm Docs.

Additionally my research has determined that the name Vellano origionates in Vellano, Italy a mountain village 2 hours north of Florence, Italy. The research continues , so drop back from time to time and see what is new!


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